Eco-Friendly Options Available

  • The current widespread indiscriminate & rampant usage of single use disposable plastics is a very real threat to our planet, our very existence is being endangered.
  • Almost about 75% of all plastics manufactured, end up as waste.
  • 100 million single use plastic drinking straws are used daily in India.
  • “Single Use Plastic Bags & Styrofoam Containers may take 1,000 years to decompose.” UN Environment Programme Report.
  • “Plastic and thermocol products are toxic and enters the food chain through crops. It takes 300 – 400 years for plastic to degrade. Plastic degrades in water and ground and once it breaks below five microns, it enters plants through roots and then the human body, which is carcinogenic (cancer causing).” – Ashok Ghosh, Chairman, State Pollution Control Board.
  • “India generated about 2,600 truckloads of plastic waste every single day on an average in 2017-18”.
  • “People worldwide could be ingesting 5 gms. of microscopic plastic particles every week, equivalent in weight to a credit card. Coming mostly from tap andespecially bottled water, nearly invisible bits of polymer were also found in shellfish, beer and salt. About 250 gms. over the course of a year.” – From a recent in-depth scientific reports
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In order to do our bit for the environment, we had consciously taken a firm decision to offer eco-friendly alternatives a few years ago. Some of these products that we currently offer to the hospitality industry includes

  • Eco-Friendly Pens (including seeded ones) made from Recycled Paper or Board that replaces plastic ones.
  • Wood-Free / Eco-Friendly (including seeded ones) Pencils made from recycled paper or newspaper board that replaces wooden ones
  • Tooth Brushes & Combs made from Wood / Corn Starch based, replacing Plastic ones
  • Drinking Straws made from Food Grade Paper / Corn Starch Base / Agricultural Residue Base / Bamboo / Steel (multi-use), replacing plastic ones
  • Laundry Bags, News Paper Bags & Shoe Bags made from Cotton Cloth / Jute / Corn Starch Base, replacing non-woven fabric ones.
  • Disposal / Sanitary Bags made of Paper or Corn Starch Based, replacing polythene ones.
  • Shower Caps made of Eco-Friendly / Bio-Degradable Corn Starch Based, replacing polythene ones.
  • Eco-Friendly Recycled Paper Pouches for packing Guest Amenity Kits, replacing polythene ones.
  • 100% Compostable Garbage Bags, replacing polythene ones.
  • Minimal or total elimination of unnecessary packaging material, while still maintaining the aesthetics, hygiene, practicality & approved brand standards.
  • Create & Develop Eco-Friendly / Bio Compostable Alternatives & Solutions to replace existing single use plastics.
  • Paraben-Free & Azo Friendly Alternatives in our range of Personal Care & Printed Products.
  • An Entire Premium Range of Aloe-Vera Based Products & Authentic Ayurveda Based Formulations for Personal Care & Hygiene and Bulk Cleaning Solutions.

  • The process of actively seeking eco-friendly alternatives is a continuously on-going process. If you have a cool innovative idea in this regard, please feel free to share with us and if we feel that it is practical, we will give it a form and bring it to reality for you. After all, we all must do our bit to save our planet, for us and our children.

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